Fun Dental Facts

Interesting facts you didn’t know about your mouth, teeth, and smile!

There are no identical tongues:

Just like our fingerprints, our tongue also reflects our identity. Each tongue has a unique number of taste buds and a characteristic shape that makes it unique. In addition, it is the most flexible and strong muscle in our body!

Our smiles are unique:

Just as it is with our tongue and fingerprints … our teeth are also different from other people’s. Nobody has a denture like yours. So be gentle with them and treat them for what they are, something unique. Always remember to take good care of them to keep them strong and healthy.

Our mouth carries over 600 types of bacteria:

1 milliliter of saliva contains around 1,000,000 bacteria of over 600 different types! This is why having an optimal oral care routine is so important. Brush three times a day (while flossing and rinsing in between) to prevent these bacteria from causing serious oral diseases.

Teeth are the hardest part of the human body:

Well, not really our teeth per se, but their outer tissue: the enamel. Its hardness comes in second only to that of a diamond.

There’s an official day that honors your teeth:

Yes, you’re reading right! In China, on September 20 is known as ‘Love Your Teeth Day.’ It began in 1989 to raise awareness among the population about the importance of oral health.