Jess P.


“Let me start out by saying that I am terrified of going to the dentist and I don’t just mean I get nervous, I have literally cried every time I have gone due to bad experiences. It’s been hard for me to find a dentist I can trust. I have poor genetics and my teeth have always had issues even though I brush and floss twice a day. Yesterday, after multiple tries and failures with other dentists I had an appointment at Toluca Dental.

The receptionists and assistants did an amazing job to make sure I was informed when my appointment was, what my payment would be after insurance and the whole process I was going through. (This is so rare! I’ve been stuck with bills before due to receptionists at other offices telling me I was covered and not double checking) I feel like the ladies at Toluca dental did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and informed.

As for my dentist, Dr. Hart, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I told him I was nervous and he made every attempt to make me feel comfortable and make the whole situation light hearted. I was a bit worried that this would mean there was a lack in actually dentistry and I couldn’t have been more wrong! In one day I had 5 fillings, a deep clean and a temporary crown put on (which looks identical to my old tooth!) it was almost painless! I thought I would be more sore to be honest! The next day I got a call from reception to see how I was doing. It’s hard to believe but i can’t even tell I had ANY work done. No pain, no swelling and I can barely tell it even happened. My teeth feel better then they have in years. For a busy mom that’s a big deal!

As for the pricing, it was better then any other place I’ve gone and they use all the latest equipment. Thank you Toluca dental!

I recommend this place to anyone looking for a new dentist!”