Dentures in CV Dental group

Tooth loss gets in the way of the simple pleasures in life, such as eating or smiling in public. Speaking and chewing function decreases with the loss of just one or a few teeth, and it changes entirely when all natural teeth have been lost. To remedy the problem, it is necessary to replace the teeth that have failed or been lost. One way to do this is with dentures.

The professional dental team at CV Dental group has the training and experience to help you mitigate the effects of tooth loss. We are here to work with you one on one to develop a denture that fills your smile with functional, natural-looking teeth.

What are Dentures?

A denture is a dental fixture that restores the appearance of natural teeth after extraction or tooth loss. This restorative prosthesis is custom-made to replace the appropriate number of teeth. For instance, a partial denture may replace a few teeth on one side of the upper arch. Full dentures replace all teeth. In the standard method of treatment, a denture sits on top of the gums. This fixture is stabilized by suction between the dental arch and the acrylic base.

Benefits of Dentures

We all deserve to feel good when we eat, speak, laugh, and smile. We should be able to make all the sounds of speech accurately, and chew food sufficiently. Dentures restore your ability to do this to the highest possible degree.

When teeth are not replaced, chewing becomes a chore for the digestive system. Discomfort or lack of efficiency may lead you to favor one side of the mouth, if you have natural teeth. The greater the extent of tooth loss, the more dietary habits may change, leaning toward softer foods that limit nutritional intake.

Are you a Candidate for Dentures?

Dentures give you back the smile you once had, maybe even better! Dentures restore the appearance of your smile, and also your ability to feel confident, to speak with clarity, and to enjoy every meal.

If you like the sound of these little pleasures in life, then you are a good candidate for dentures. In addition to creating well-fitting, natural-looking standard dentures, we are also happy to speak with you about denture stabilization with dental implants.

To learn more about dentures and overdentures, call our CV Dental group office at 818-350-8182.