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Exploring your options for Tooth Extraction with CVDental Group

Tooth extraction is the procedure of removing the whole tooth from its roots in the bone.

 What is the need to extract teeth?

  • When the tooth has become damaged or decayed due to cavity or broken
  • Some people have extra teeth that hinders the passage of other teeth
  • It has also been seen that sometimes the baby tooth doesn’t broken to allow the growth of the permanent teeth
  • There are cases of people getting braces need tooth extraction to make room for the teeth that will move into its place
  • Wisdom teeth are considered to be third molars which comes out during teens or in 20s,they should be extracted before or after it comes,  these teeth are sometimes impacted teeth which does not out and irritates the gums, causing pain.

CVDental group offers the most experienced and best services to their patients. We understand the importance of what is meant by perfect smiles. CVDental Group offers comprehensive dental care including family and exceptional cosmetic dentistry.

HOW CVDental Group provides services other than Tooth Extraction

CV Dental Group knows and understands that many people avoid the  surgery of tooth extraction, as it was found to be painful phase for many individuals DR. HART , the experienced Doctor recommends other options to cure tooth decay other than just tooth extraction, which many other Dentists makes it only option.

Some of the services are:

  • Dental filling: A filling is the most common method of restoration of the damaged or decayed teeth. DR. HART would recommend Dental filling,along with the specialized light to harden each of the tooth layer, and after the tooth has been filled the doctors will give the shape to your filling to blend your perfect smile.
  • The fillings offered by CV Dental group are of two types: composite or white filling

Both have the benefits of restoring the naturality of your teeth enamel not causing any further pain to it.

This is the assurance of the doctors of CV Dental Group

Dental veneers: Many celebrities who seen on movies or tvs with white perfect teeth  have undertaken the treatment of Veneers to have it on their teeth from their trusted Dentist, it is all about having it right way, and it is not only the person with wealth or status deserves these treatments, it is for anyone who wants to have that perfect smile!

  • Veneers are the thin-layered, custom made shells of tooth colored designed to give the perfect appearance to your teeth, it is a material which is placed on the tooth on the front layer of the teeth changing its color, shape, size.
  • CV Dental group provides this treatment who wants to get rid of discolored teeth, or to cover the gap or the crack or from stained teeth, Veneers resize and reshape your smile according to your face and DR. HART has the most experience to give perfect blend to your smile, with Porcelain Veneers which are durable and stain resistant.

Tooth Removal is done at CV Dental group when the doctors find it necessarily after examining the situation of the teeth, sometimes only by filling or veneers can be suitable for the teeth.

Root canal treatment 

  • In the situation of extreme pain causing teeth, root canal therapy or endodontics becomes necessary to save the root or the pulp for further damage.

The pulp is the soft layer of the tissue which contains blood vessels and nerves, if left untreated then it will damage and tooth itself will die.

  • DR. HART at CV Dental group, through his friendly attribute to his patients makes the therapy, a comfortable and tense-free therapy. He may suggest the root canal therapy to treat the pulp which may have infected in order to preserve the smile, hence CV Dental group strives to protect the health of the teeth.
  • If after the analysis it was found to be necessary for the root canal, DR. HART will remove the infection, sanitize and clean the tooth providing the patient with the perfect smiles.

The last option

The last option is the TOOTH EXTRACTION, in order to provide patients with strong and healthy teeth, CV Dental group aims to their fullest. In certain dire situations it becomes necessary to extract the tooth for  the optimal health of the teeth. 

The method of simple extraction has been adopted by DR. HART for the tooth which has been dead or mouth has been crowded and the surgical extraction which is a complicated one, it has been recommended only one the teeth has been broken beneath the gums or impacted one.

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CV Dental group strives to give the best treatment to its customers