Using Laser Therapy For Gum Disease

Laser gum therapy is also referred to as LANAP. It is an advanced, highly effective procedure employed by dentists in the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. It can save teeth that seem already destroyed. In this procedure, laser light is used by a skilled professional to carefully remove bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum. This allows the gum pockets to heal and improve, allowing the tooth to become more stable. After which, healing occurs.

Why use laser gum therapy?

The traditional method used to treat periodontal disease involves cutting and stitching which is associated with a lot of unpleasant effects from pain and increased sensitivity to higher risks of infection. Using laser treatment is more effective, you will achieve similar results faster. Let us not forget that you will heal faster too. Treating gum disease with laser therapy saves from you the following :

  • Cutting of gum tissue; Medical lasers are used to achieve similar results with less pain and blood which is equivalent to easier and faster recovery.
  • Loss of gum tissue; Instead of losing gum tissue by cutting it off with a scalpel, a doctor just removes diseased gum tissue with laser and prevents the gum from getting infected further.
  • Infection; Blood and exposed tissue are affiliated with infection. Using laser gum therapy reduces the risk of getting infected during and after treatment.

Persons with gum pockets greater than 5mm should get laser gum treatment. Make sure you go for this procedure only on your doctor’s recommendation. Laser gum therapy or LANAP can be performed simply by the following steps:

  • Perio probe shows the exact gum pocket depth
  • Laser light is used by a professional to remove bacteria alongside diseased gum tissue.
  • Root surface accretions are cleaned using an ultrasonic scaler and other hand instruments
  • Dentist uses the laser for a second time; sterilizing the area. This will stimulate blood clotting factors forming a natural seal around the teeth allowing faster healing and also prevents new germs from entering the gums.
  • Healing of gum takes place with time

Laser gum therapy is a safe and effective way to treat periodontal disease.

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