Interesting Fun Fact about Teeth & Dental Care

CV Dental group is that domicile for people where they care more about your dental care than you. We’re pleased to offer comprehensive care to their patients. To let people aware of the facts figures and evoke the feeling of caring for their teeth is our ethical and considerate responsibility.

We have come up with an interesting way to impart knowledge and importance about caring for own teeth in the form of Fun Facts.

Fun Fact 1 – 

All have unique smiles, just like our tongue and fingerprints, our teeth are so different from any other person. There would be no similarity of any other similar dentures than yours.

 Therefore,  it is very important to protect our uniqueness and keeping smiling with our unique smiles.

Fun Fact 2-  

Your primary teeth start to emerge since before you are born. The newborn babies have 20 teeth crowns developed under the gums.

 Once we grow into adults we have a total of 32 permanent teeth that are already present in our jaw.  Wisdom teeth are the only exception that develops in our late years of adolescents. 

Fun Fact 3-

Research says that 63% of the adults are attracted to somebody by their smile alone. 

Along with it, it is interesting to know that 43 muscles of our body are engaged in frowning or smiling but only 17 muscles are engaged to smile. So let’s smile always to keep our muscles relaxed and happy!

Fun Fact 4-

How with age we forget to smile and laugh which is the medicine for all our health issues. 

The figures say that on an average 400 times a day, a child smiles as compared to an adult who does it 15 times a day. On average, a woman smiles 62 times a day and men? Only 8 times a day

 There is no doubt why we develop so many health issues with age.

Let’s start smiling more like a child or even beyond to keep yourself happy and fit always.

Fun Fact 5-  

It is shocking to know that, there are more bacteria in our mouth than in the whole planet Earth. How dirty can our teeth be! There are around 600 hundred types of bacteria present in our mouth.

We must clean it and brush it properly to avoid the presence of bacteria for a longer duration.

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