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Studies have shown that 80% of the population ignore their oral hygiene. 

Dentists like Dr. Hart offers services and specializes in the branch of General and Family dentistry at CV dental group. CV Dental group strives to make our smiles look perfect and healthy.

General and Family dentistry is a broad term associated with the several treatments that are designed to help you improve and maintain your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

The gum care, veneers, fillings, and preventative education are some of the aspects which are taken care of by the general and family dentist.

CV Dental group offers all these dental care treatments at one place with numerous cases of providing healthy and satisfying dental care.

Our expert doctor Dr. Hart strives to offer the best and healthiest Dental care to his patients with zero failures to ensure complete happy smile.

Under the General and Family Dentistry there are many treatments which are offered by CV Dental group for the perfect care:

  • Dental implants: it is a surgical fixtures treatment that involves the replacement of the teeth from the jaw or the skull with the lifelike artificial teeth such as crowns. It is minor oral surgery.
    • The treatment is appropriate for a single tooth replacement.
    • It will hence, provide the patient with the natural-looking smile and highly functional teeth.

  • Dental examinations and cleaning: Under the service of this, CV Dental group aims at maintaining the health of the teeth with recall appointments which encourages the patients to visit the doctor once or twice a year.
  • The recall appointment makes a comfortable bond with the patient and dentist which in turn helps the doctor to evaluate the teeth regularly and also providing with the thorough cleaning of the teeth.
  • During this regular meeting with the doctors, dentists can educate more about dental care on how they can keep their smiles perfect for years to come.
  • Dental filling: Many people who experience with cracked or damaged teeth due to cavities or some damage to the tooth. A dental filling is the most common type of tooth restoration. Filling involves removing the damaged or decayed part of the tooth and filing one layer at a time on the tooth.
  • Dr. Hart recommends this treatment for the perfect restoration of the damaged teeth. CV Dental group provides the best services to its customers, therefore it offers two different types of safe filling i.e Composite and white filling.
  • The filling offered by the CV Dental group is more aesthetic and natural to the enamel. 
  • The filling provided by us is safe for your smiles, eliminating the risk of mercury exposure which happens with silver amalgam fillings.
  • The primary benefit of the Dental white filling offered by Dr. Hart is that the fact of the color and the shade can be adjusted and matched to your natural teeth color, giving it the complete original and natural-looking teeth.

  •  Nitrous sedation: Nitrous oxide is commonly known as laughing gas, it is a sedative to keep your sensitive tooth at ease. This sedation is provided to the patients whose teeth are sensitive to any pain due to any treatment. 

        To make less frightening for patients to come for dental treatments, our doctor DR HART and staff prepare a mask mixed with nitrous oxide and oxygen and covers the nose asking them to breathe regularly to apply nitrous oxide.

The effects of it are a warm sensation, tingling, and euphoric feeling. Till the time the patient is at ease feeling, the doctors do their work and stop the flow of gas after the completion of the treatment.

  •    Periodontal treatment:  At CV Dental group, periodontics provided by DR. HART is highly safe which prevents any further damage to the tooth.

         Periodontal treatment involves curing of the periodontal disease frequently known as gum disease which happens due to the bacteria found in plaque. 

If left untreated, it can cause other problems including:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Gums that pull away from the teeth
  • Loss of bone, tooth, and gum tissue

At CV Dental group have the ability to treat gum diseases of all kinds.

CV DENTAL GROUP provides services to all age groups and helps it patients get the best treatment provided with the perfect smiles, as we believe a smile is the most precious of all and we strive to care for your teeth.

For any further  help or appointment contact us on the or call us at 818-350-8182

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