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General and Family Dentistry at CV Dental Group

Studies have shown that 80% of the population ignore their oral hygiene. 

Dentists like Dr. Hart offers services and specializes in the branch of General and Family dentistry at CV dental group. CV Dental group strives to make our smiles look perfect and healthy.

General and Family dentistry is a broad term associated with the several treatments that are designed to help you improve and maintain your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

The gum care, veneers, fillings, and preventative education are some of the aspects which are taken care of by the general and family dentist.

CV Dental group offers all these dental care treatments at one place with numerous cases of providing healthy and satisfying dental care.

Our expert doctor Dr. Hart strives to offer the best and healthiest Dental care to his patients with zero failures to ensure complete happy smile.

Under the General and Family Dentistry there are many treatments which are offered by CV Dental group for the perfect care:

  • Dental implants: it is a surgical fixtures treatment that involves the replacement of the teeth from the jaw or the skull with the lifelike artificial teeth such as crowns. It is minor oral surgery.
    • The treatment is appropriate for a single tooth replacement.
    • It will hence, provide the patient with the natural-looking smile and highly functional teeth.

  • Dental examinations and cleaning: Under the service of this, CV Dental group aims at maintaining the health of the teeth with recall appointments which encourages the patients to visit the doctor once or twice a year.
  • The recall appointment makes a comfortable bond with the patient and dentist which in turn helps the doctor to evaluate the teeth regularly and also providing with the thorough cleaning of the teeth.
  • During this regular meeting with the doctors, dentists can educate more about dental care on how they can keep their smiles perfect for years to come.
  • Dental filling: Many people who experience with cracked or damaged teeth due to cavities or some damage to the tooth. A dental filling is the most common type of tooth restoration. Filling involves removing the damaged or decayed part of the tooth and filing one layer at a time on the tooth.
  • Dr. Hart recommends this treatment for the perfect restoration of the damaged teeth. CV Dental group provides the best services to its customers, therefore it offers two different types of safe filling i.e Composite and white filling.
  • The filling offered by the CV Dental group is more aesthetic and natural to the enamel. 
  • The filling provided by us is safe for your smiles, eliminating the risk of mercury exposure which happens with silver amalgam fillings.
  • The primary benefit of the Dental white filling offered by Dr. Hart is that the fact of the color and the shade can be adjusted and matched to your natural teeth color, giving it the complete original and natural-looking teeth.

  •  Nitrous sedation: Nitrous oxide is commonly known as laughing gas, it is a sedative to keep your sensitive tooth at ease. This sedation is provided to the patients whose teeth are sensitive to any pain due to any treatment. 

        To make less frightening for patients to come for dental treatments, our doctor DR HART and staff prepare a mask mixed with nitrous oxide and oxygen and covers the nose asking them to breathe regularly to apply nitrous oxide.

The effects of it are a warm sensation, tingling, and euphoric feeling. Till the time the patient is at ease feeling, the doctors do their work and stop the flow of gas after the completion of the treatment.

  •    Periodontal treatment:  At CV Dental group, periodontics provided by DR. HART is highly safe which prevents any further damage to the tooth.

         Periodontal treatment involves curing of the periodontal disease frequently known as gum disease which happens due to the bacteria found in plaque. 

If left untreated, it can cause other problems including:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Gums that pull away from the teeth
  • Loss of bone, tooth, and gum tissue

At CV Dental group have the ability to treat gum diseases of all kinds.

CV DENTAL GROUP provides services to all age groups and helps it patients get the best treatment provided with the perfect smiles, as we believe a smile is the most precious of all and we strive to care for your teeth.

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Caring Your Oral Hygiene Means Caring Your Overall Health

With proper care and vigilance, the teeth and gums can be kept healthy throughout your life.

But what keeps us astray from taking good care of our teeth?

The answer to this is all our eating habits that have grown worse with the age of fast foods and having less control over oneself.

Tooth decay is also known as dental caries or Cavities is one such problem faced by 88% of the population worldwide. The major cause of it is bad eating habits and not washing your mouth after acidic and sugary food.

CV Dental group is all with you to keep up the good eating habits alive in your daily diet. Some dentists don’t only examine our dental treatments but also make us aware of all the good and healthy habits to have enduring oral health.

4 basic ways must be practiced daily and regularly for dental care

  • Brushing properly across the back and front teeth
  • Flossing once a day to remove bacteria
  • Eating right avoiding sugary and starchy food from your daily diet
  • Visiting doctor once in a while

What to eat and what not to?

  • Some foods are rich in sugar and starch causes our teeth to decay and with a period it gets completely damaged and decayed.
  • Sticky candies and sweets are harmful to teeth if not washed off after eating, though dark chocolates have found out to be a substance with health benefits as per the studies.
  • Starchy foods like potato chips, soft pieces of bread get easily stuck in the teeth, we must avoid eating regularly.
  • On the other hand foods like cheese, milk, plain yogurt, fiber-rich fruits, and vegetables- oats are the most fibrous food to have in your diet, sugarless chewing gums are good food for teeth.
  • And taking a good amount of water.

All these habits lead to healthier teeth. By having a nutritious habit one can prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. 

Dr. Hart suggests a dietary habit that enables you to have healthier teeth throughout your life. CV Dental group aims to cognize people not only about their services but also about dental care.

Dental care is a self-care and we believe everyone irrespective of their age without hesitation or ignorance must take care of their oral health.

Keep looking for our website for further details about dental care.

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How Your Child Can Have a Great Smile

Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined branch of dentistry that provides both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

Pediatric Dentistry encompasses a heterogeneity of treatments, procedures, techniques that are adapted for the unique requirements of infants, children, adolescents. It is an age-specific field for the treatment of the children. 

It specializes in the children’s dental care 

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) is an organization founded in 1947, it has been termed as the specialist under the Pediatric Dentistry.

It’s members put children first in everything they do and gave a lot of importance to their ethics and safety measures.

CV Dental group is also the organization that aims at the health of the teeth and when it comes to children’s oral health, they are at their best services.

DR. HART is very friendly and eager to help people of all age groups. He has especially designed services for children as he considers the development years of a child have to be well taken care of.

At CV Dental care, the doctors believe that a child must have the basic knowledge of maintaining good oral hygiene during their development years so that they can have healthy teeth and enjoy healthy habits for life.

A child while growing up undertakes bad eating habits without even knowing their effects on the teeth and overall their oral Health. 

Plaque or certain bacteria with the bad eating habits could emerge in a child’s teeth or any adult causing gum disease.

 CV Dental group has come up with the option of Laser gum therapy that will prevent, slow down, and reversed the gum disease. DR. HART would eliminate the bacteria from the teeth.

CV Dental stands out to be the genuine caretaker of your and especially children’s oral health and hygiene. 

There are many services rendered by the CV Dental group for children’s oral hygiene.

  • Our doctors on the appointment or the first visit would check the oral health of your child.
  • Basic cleaning of the teeth on a regular basis is as crucial as brushing our teeth every day. DR.HART would recommend or advice for a dental cleaning for the Healthy teeth of your child.
  • Our team of doctors would work hard to ensure that you and your child feel the utmost comfort with us.
  • Our welcoming and friendly team would encourage you for scheduling the first appointment which will help the dentist and your child to know each other apart from checking teeth.
  • We treat infants who usually are about one year old. After their first tooth eruption, take them to us for a better examination of your child’s oral health.

DR. HART is amazing at treating children of all age groups. He is honest and has a human approach that is what makes him a dentist who has treated his patients for life.

He has experience of many years and he understands the needs and wants of each individual’s teeth. He offers the best of the services to his patients. 

DR. HART believes in making perfect smiles at all age groups as it sheds happiness for oneself and others.

CV dental group, LA Crescenta pleased to offer comprehensive dental care 

For any further queries regarding our Pediatric Dentistry or booking an appointment with CV Dental group, please feel free to call us at 818-350-8182 or email us at

Exploring your options for Tooth Extraction with CVDental Group

Tooth extraction is the procedure of removing the whole tooth from its roots in the bone.

 What is the need to extract teeth?

  • When the tooth has become damaged or decayed due to cavity or broken
  • Some people have extra teeth that hinders the passage of other teeth
  • It has also been seen that sometimes the baby tooth doesn’t broken to allow the growth of the permanent teeth
  • There are cases of people getting braces need tooth extraction to make room for the teeth that will move into its place
  • Wisdom teeth are considered to be third molars which comes out during teens or in 20s,they should be extracted before or after it comes,  these teeth are sometimes impacted teeth which does not out and irritates the gums, causing pain.

CVDental group offers the most experienced and best services to their patients. We understand the importance of what is meant by perfect smiles. CVDental Group offers comprehensive dental care including family and exceptional cosmetic dentistry.

HOW CVDental Group provides services other than Tooth Extraction

CV Dental Group knows and understands that many people avoid the  surgery of tooth extraction, as it was found to be painful phase for many individuals DR. HART , the experienced Doctor recommends other options to cure tooth decay other than just tooth extraction, which many other Dentists makes it only option.

Some of the services are:

  • Dental filling: A filling is the most common method of restoration of the damaged or decayed teeth. DR. HART would recommend Dental filling,along with the specialized light to harden each of the tooth layer, and after the tooth has been filled the doctors will give the shape to your filling to blend your perfect smile.
  • The fillings offered by CV Dental group are of two types: composite or white filling

Both have the benefits of restoring the naturality of your teeth enamel not causing any further pain to it.

This is the assurance of the doctors of CV Dental Group

Dental veneers: Many celebrities who seen on movies or tvs with white perfect teeth  have undertaken the treatment of Veneers to have it on their teeth from their trusted Dentist, it is all about having it right way, and it is not only the person with wealth or status deserves these treatments, it is for anyone who wants to have that perfect smile!

  • Veneers are the thin-layered, custom made shells of tooth colored designed to give the perfect appearance to your teeth, it is a material which is placed on the tooth on the front layer of the teeth changing its color, shape, size.
  • CV Dental group provides this treatment who wants to get rid of discolored teeth, or to cover the gap or the crack or from stained teeth, Veneers resize and reshape your smile according to your face and DR. HART has the most experience to give perfect blend to your smile, with Porcelain Veneers which are durable and stain resistant.

Tooth Removal is done at CV Dental group when the doctors find it necessarily after examining the situation of the teeth, sometimes only by filling or veneers can be suitable for the teeth.

Root canal treatment 

  • In the situation of extreme pain causing teeth, root canal therapy or endodontics becomes necessary to save the root or the pulp for further damage.

The pulp is the soft layer of the tissue which contains blood vessels and nerves, if left untreated then it will damage and tooth itself will die.

  • DR. HART at CV Dental group, through his friendly attribute to his patients makes the therapy, a comfortable and tense-free therapy. He may suggest the root canal therapy to treat the pulp which may have infected in order to preserve the smile, hence CV Dental group strives to protect the health of the teeth.
  • If after the analysis it was found to be necessary for the root canal, DR. HART will remove the infection, sanitize and clean the tooth providing the patient with the perfect smiles.

The last option

The last option is the TOOTH EXTRACTION, in order to provide patients with strong and healthy teeth, CV Dental group aims to their fullest. In certain dire situations it becomes necessary to extract the tooth for  the optimal health of the teeth. 

The method of simple extraction has been adopted by DR. HART for the tooth which has been dead or mouth has been crowded and the surgical extraction which is a complicated one, it has been recommended only one the teeth has been broken beneath the gums or impacted one.

For any further query about Dental care, contact us. 

CV Dental group strives to give the best treatment to its customers

How Cosmetic Dentistry Helps You Smile with Confidence

Dentistry enfolds the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various disorders, diseases affecting our teeth, gums.

 Cosmetic dentistry is one such branch that has been widely accepted surgery undertaken by millions of people to make their smiles look bright and beautiful. It offers complete makeovers for every smile.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has been with the watchword of “we don’t recreate smiles, we recreate self-esteem” is making millions of souls become happier and shine with their high self-esteem. “Cosmetic dentistry has gone mainstream,” says Kimberly hams, DDA, a consumer advisor and a spokesperson for the American Dental Association(ADA). 

From subtle changes to oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry offers a range of techniques in treating the discolored teeth, gum problems, teeth shape, and size. Enhancing the health and appearance of teeth.

Is Cosmetic dentistry safe?

Recent advances in cosmetic dentistry allow dentists to offer everything from improved teeth whitening to translucent tooth coverings to complete smile makeovers,” says Dr. Harms. The cosmetic dentistry has been around for decades but recent advances have made it safe and made more durable for natural-looking teeth.

How CV Dental Group provides the best Smile makeovers?

  • CV Dental group is an organization that offers comprehensive dental care including family and dental care. Under the branch of cosmetic dentistry, it offers a wide range of treatments starting from:
  • Teeth whitening, Smile makeovers, Dental veneers, Invisalign, Composite Resin Bonding and Clear Aligners. 
  • Under the treatments of some highly qualified talented doctors, CV Dental Group has undergone many successful stories of bringing back the confidence of people with providing them complete and safe natural-looking teeth. The hunt of scavenging the right dentist for your teeth is the topmost priority and CV Dental group gives you the top class highly experienced doctors who understand the relationships and strive to give the best Dental Care to their patients.
  • Another branch of teeth care is General and family dentist which intricate the general oral health and hygiene of the is a comprehensive branch of improving the health of the teeth. The services aligned under general dentist are:

Professional teeth cleaning; Sealants, Tooth-colored filling, Dental implant. These are the general treatments for dental care which is relevant for a proper comprehensive oral hygiene.

  • CV Dental Group has enfolded various services to be rendered under the category of ‘General and Family Dentist’. The varied services are :
  • Dental bridges, Dental Fillings, Dental Crowns, Root Canal treatment, laser gum therapy, Pediatric Dentistry, Sleep Apnea devices, Nitrous Sedation, Periodontal treatment.
  • Dr. Hart is a  highly experienced doctor with amiable abilities to treat patients.

Dentistry a Necessary Amenity!

The Cosmetic Dentistry has opened its arms not only for celebrities or wealthy ones, but it has also come with a different price range to render services to anyone who desires to experience back the white surfaced teeth.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), two-thirds of the patients seeking cosmetic dentistry are female, and a recent survey conducted in 2015, 84 % of the respondents have performed the services of Bonding, Whitening, Veneers. 

Hence it takes up the conclusion of the fact that Dentistry has extended its reach and has become a necessary treatment rather than an elective treatment for a wide range of people.